This week in Usability & Productivity, part 6

It’s been another big week in Usability & Productivity! We’ve got usability improvements, performance improvements, and bugfixes galore! Have a look:

  • Plasma is now a full second faster to start (KDE Phabricator revision D10536, Improved in Plasma 5.13)
  • Fixed a severe freeze in Discover 5.12 (KDE bug 390123, available in KDE Plasma 5.12.1)
  • Apps whose desktop files contain spaces can once again be pinned and stay where they’re supposed to be on the panel (KDE bug 385942, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.13)
  • Creating a new file using Dolphin is now instantaneous (KDE bug 388887, fixed in KDE Applications 18.04)
  • The Open With panel received a UI redesign that yields significant usability and productivity boosts, in addition to fixing some bugs (KDE bug 359233, implemented in KDE Frameworks 5.44):
  • Fixed Drag-and-drop from Spectacle to Chromium (KDE bug 369404, available in KDE Applications 18.04)
  • Dolphin’s Edit menu now has menu icons for Select All and Invert Selection, making it a 100% icon-complete menu (KDE Phabricator revision D10503, implemented in KDE Applications 17.12.3):
  • All KDE Apps using the Deselect and Replace KStandardActions now get menu icons for them (KDE Phabricator revision D10508, implemented in KDE Frameworks 5.44):
  • Apps on the touchscreen-friendly Application Dashboard can now actually be launched with touchscreen taps (KDE bug 366527, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.12.2)
  • Gwenview can now be configured to not show the image action buttons that appear over thumbnails when you hover over them with the mouse (KDE bug 164847, implemented in KDE Applications 18.04)

  • The Web Browser Widget has been overhauled and now works much better, regaining the features it lost in the KDE4 -> Plasma 5 transition (KDE bugs 361939 and 371023)
  • Icons in Dolphin’s Information Panel now look good in HiDPI (KDE Phabricator revision D10532, fixed in KDE Applications 18.04)
  • The Toggle Touchpad shortcut actually toggles the touchpad now (KDE bug 370588, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.12.1)

I’ve noticed a significant influx of new contributors recently, so what we’re doing seems to be resonating with the community. It’s a great time to get involved. Our documentation and new contributor pipeline are getting better all the time. You don’t need to be a programmer to start submitting patches! Most of my first patches were simple one-liners and string changes. Once you’ve got your development environment set up, submitting trivial patches like these is as easy as pie, and will familiarize you with the codebase so you feel comfortable tackling slightly larger challenges.

If my efforts seem useful and you’d like to see more of them, consider supporting me on Patreon, LiberaPay, or PayPal.


Plasma 5 perfection: call for development

Igor Ljubuncic of Dedoimedo is at it again, and has just published a list of high-profile KDE Plasma bugs and papercuts. As a Plasma fan, his intention is to call attention rather than criticize, and I’ve put together a response for every issue he raised. For the full list, scroll down.

Here’s the thing: reporting issues is important. QA is important. Raising awareness of problems is important. But as you’ll see from the list below, nearly every legitimate issue that Igor brings up is already known and tracked in Bugzilla. Many are already fixed, in fact.

The problem is lack of resources, not lack of awareness of issues. Fixing bugs requires developers. And we need more in order to fix them all at the rapid pace that our users expect. We know about the bugs. We want to fix the bugs. But we need your help to do it!

The best way is to start submitting some patches. You don’t even need to know any programming! Here is a non-programming patch I submitted just today, for example. A lot of my patches are utterly trivial in nature, like this one or this one. These are easy fixes; low-hanging fruit. Anyone with some technical knowledge can get started today! There’s a ton of support.

If you want to help propel KDE to the great heights it’s capable of, climb on board!

And now, for the full list, if you dare:

  • [C] Widget button on the left side is too close to the desktop folders.

    Will be fixed soon:

  • [C] Widgets list always opens on the left side, regardless of the button placement.

    This isn’t a bug. The widget list can be opened from multiple interfaces; if it always followed the Desktop Toolbox, it would just be inconsistent with something else. Still, we may be able to make some usability improvements:

  • [C] Wireless icon (when not connected) is too pale and may be mistaken for a gap in the system area in the panel.

    Already fixed; see

  • [C] When connecting to a Wireless network, the user may be prompted for password twice, which is probably related to the KDEWallet service.

    See This is mostly up to distros; most of them don’t configure KWallet properly. Kubuntu already does for the actual user account, but doesn’t for the live session. But it will soon; see

  • [F] When you add/pin applications to the task manager, the menu auto-closes. This is annoying and distracting if you want to add more than one icon at a time.


  • [F] Menu session end buttons all have the same result, regardless of what you click on. Whether you choose suspend, reboot or shutdown, you still have a 30-sec timeout screen with the same options presented again. A confirmation is nice, but it should also correlate to the chosen action. Clicking suspend or reboot and then choosing shutdown a few seconds later negates the first choice.

    It already does; the action you chose is the one that’s selected in the confirmation screen.

  • [C] The system menu does not differentiate between several versions of the same application, if installed. For example, the standard repo and the snap version of VLC 3.0 both show exactly the same, and the only way to tell them apart is by the icon (lower-res for the snap), or alternatively, by launching the program to check which version it is.


  • [F] The order of different versions of the same application as listed in the system menu changes based on usage/launches.

    That’s a feature, not a bug. For an app list based on frequency of use, you should expect each version of an app to appear separately and have its own ordering. If you didn’t care about them being separate, you wouldn’t install multiple versions of the same app.

  • [C] Panel height resize is done using a drag/slider rather than a precise input value. Both options ought to exist, so that both methods can be used. Hand sliding, especially without an external mouse pointer, is tedious and inaccurate.

    Improved with Further improvements possible.

  • [C] Brightness slider does not go all the way to the right on the 100% mark.

    Already fixed, a long time ago (Igor even blogged about it having been fixed!). Must have been using a distro with an old version of Plasma, or a defective theme.

  • [C] The clipboard in the system area, after you copy media files, does not have a perfect vertical alignment, leading to the bottom-most line to be partially obscured (cropped).

    Not a bug; this is how all scrollable lists work everywhere. Perfect alignment is impossible when the list can be filled with arbitrarily-sized content.

  • [F] Default font color is too pale – insufficient contrast; should be black.

    Already almost fixed. See

  • [F] Default font size is too small (10pt).


  • [C] Default font anti-aliasing settings are sub-optimal in all tests I have performed, including different laptops, with Intel and Nvidia graphics. The system defaults should be set to RGB and slight hinting.

    See and

  • [F] Spectacle does not have an option to remove/disable shadows when taking a screenshot of an active window area. The shadow size also depends on the selected theme – and may be impacted by compositing, which can lead to inconsistent results. It is also not apparent whether there are shadows in created screenshots or not while they are being taken.


  • [F] Spectacle usage model is complicated – Save & Exit is the same button that opens the preferences menu, and it is not immediately apparent this is the case. It also makes no sense to place the two under the same hierarchy element.

    Already fixed. See

  • [C] System settings menu opens at a “wrong” default size, leading to category labels text breaking over multiple lines.


  • [C] System settings category labels are too pale – and barely visible.


  • [F] The installation of new themes, icons and other decoration is vague and broken. Sometimes, there are multiple install options that do not clearly signify to the user what they’re installing, and these installations often fail due to misconfigured third-party resources. Even when installed, decorations may not show up in relevant lists due to unlisted incompatibilities. It may take a full session restart (log out, log in) to see the effects of newly applied decorations.

    A known issue. This is a big task, too big for a Bugzilla ticket. But it’s on our radar screens.

  • [F] System customization should include a backup and restore-to-defaults options, including a desktop/system wide configuration, as well as individual options. This may also be realized as preview function, so the users can see what the new theme/decoration will do before it is applied.


  • [F] Discover shows no screenshots and no rating for selected programs.

    No screenshots: Not Discover’s fault; it’s up to app developers to properly advertise their work, or packagers to bail them out and do it for them. We can’t do anything about this in Discover. See As a workaround, use Flathub instead of your distro’s packages wherever possible; they care about good packaging and make sure that app listings look good.

    No ratings: See

  • [F] Discover sources management remains confusing and insufficient – no way to change locality/priority of listed distributions, no way to search or install proprietary software.

    You already can change the priority of different backends. Changing priority of individual repos within a backend is tracked with

  • [F] In the sources view, Discover has a scrollbar that obscures the list of repos and also partially blocks the UI itself.

    Already fixed:

  • [F] Discover seemingly keeps on checking for updates, even though the action is not happening and/or it should have completed already.

    This is very distro-specific, and we haven’t seen it in quite a while with recent versions of Discover. Anyone who sees this should file a bug! Just complaining about it isn’t enough; we need for people who experience it to file bugs!. If you want to be QA, then you have to be willing to use the appropriate channels to report issues, or else it’s just noise. See

  • [F] Discover search results are broken; programs that can be found using the command-line package manager utility do not show in the UI when the same search string is used.

    Discover is not a package manager. By design, it only shows packages with AppStream metadata. The goal is that users shouldn’t ever need to do manual package management. If anything ever doesn’t show up in Discover that should, this is the your distro’s fault, but you can help us fix it!

  • [F] It is difficult to find the option to configure/enable the desktop session restart (X kill), normally activated by the Ctrl + Alt + Backspace combo. There are no less than three different options to configure and use keyboard shortcuts. You have normal and advanced settings, but then you also have the hardware configuration, and it’s the last one that you actually need for this.

    This is an advanced feature that shouldn’t be required for normal users during normal use; why would we want to make it more prominent?

  • [C] Dolphin requires drag ‘n’ drop to add shortcuts to the sidebar; an (easily discoverable) menu option would be preferable, especially for network shares.

    It’s right there in the right-click context menu:

  • [C] There’s no easy way to quickly remove/hide entries in the Dolphin sidebar, except by removing the entire category.

    Sure there is:

  • [C] The list of devices in Dolphin seems random – devices should include both label, device name and size through a configurable setting, and there should be an option to allow the user to sort the devices based on their preference.


  • [F] In Dolphin, copying files to Samba shares will result in their timestamp being updated to the current mark. This is most significant when working with pictures.


  • [C] No way to add URL shortcuts by drag ‘n’ drop from browsers; no favicons are used as shortcut icons.

    This works just fine. Could use some usability polish, though:

  • [C] No way to add an existing URL shortcut (on the desktop) to the task manager. Launched program/site via the shortcut defaults to the browser application icon.


  • [C] The panel clock is too big – full height – while the rest of the system area icons are smaller. The use of the alternative gadget Event Calendar helps, but this should be a customizable option in Plasma defaults.

    Already fixed; see

  • [F] KDE Connect only works with Android devices.

    This is caused by limitations in the kinds of software allowed on iOS.

  • [F] iPhone/iOS devices will not be auto-mounted in Dolphin; you may need to use a manual configuration to identify and mount them.

    Never seen this; my iPhone works fine. A detailed bug report would be helpful here.

  • [F] The mount prompt in the system area (regardless of the device/phone/camera) type is vague. It offers several mount options, associated with programs, but it does not identify the mount protocol, e.g. MTP or PTP. This only becomes apparent after the device has been mounted and presented in the file manager.

    Not a bug; the mount protocol is (or should be) irrelevant to a normal user. No other OS includes this kind of super technical information there.

  • [F] There is no umount option for phones or cameras in Dolphin.

    Already fixed:

  • [F] Media playback (music and video) from Samba shares does not work well. There is no unified approach to how the remote filesystems should be treated, and it is up to individual applications to handle authentication and playback.


  • [C] Not all media players have system integration, and/or some have their individual icons + media playback button in the system area.

    This is entirely up to those media players to conform to the MPRIS spec. Blame them, not us.

  • [F] Accessibility options are vaguely defined or executed. They should be available out of the box and configured for immediate use, including the lock and login screens.

    A legitimate concern. We will investigate this.

  • [F] Open file dialogs for different applications behave in different ways, including how directory trees and files are displayed. Often, paths and names are truncated, and there’s no standard display method.

    These are most often Qt bugs, but still a priority in my list.

The above issues are high-profile and will earn their fixers a lot of praise, and will likely be featured here. So go on and fix some bugs! It’s easier than you think.

Usability & Productivity highlight: Spectacle

Over the past few weeks, we’ve done a lot of Usability & Productivity work for Spectacle, KDE’s screenshot tool. I’d like to share the progress! But first, a screenshot. Here’s how spectacle looks now:

We’ve been hard at work making Spectacle easier to use and more featureful, and you can see some of those changes in the above screenshot. Here’s the full list of user-facing changes and bugfixes:

  • The save button now defaults to showing “Save As…” (KDE Phabricator revision D10153)
  • The Save button now remembers the last Save mode that you used by default (KDE Phabricator revision D10198)
  • Removed the confusing and destructive Discard/Quit button (you can still quit the app with Ctrl+Q or the Escape key, or by clicking on the window’s close button (KDE Phabricator revision D10283)
  • Added a visible “Configure…” button so that you can more easily find Spectacle’s settings (KDE Phabricator revision D10289)
  • Added a new “Tools” menu button that can hold extra features, and moved “Print” to it. Now the “Save” button finally has only actual Save actions! (KDE Phabricator revision D10371)
  • Spectacle’s new Tools menu now provides an easy link to your screen recording app if you have one installed, and if you don’t, it suggests a few (KDE Phabricator revision D10295)
  • Made the main window size itself optimally based on the shape of the screenshot (KDE Phabricator revision D10377):
  • Spectacle can now be configured to quit after copying the screenshot to the clipboard (KDE bug 389773) – note that you will need to tell Klipper (the clipboard manager) to accept images for this to work. For more information, see the bug report.
  • Spectacle’s new Tools menu provides an easy way to see where the last screenshot was saved (KDE bug 389695)
  • Drag-and-drop to Chromium windows now works (KDE bug 369404)
  • Spectacle no longer displays the dreaded “Ambiguous shortcut warning” dialog if you use the same keyboard shortcut twice (KDE bug 389691)

All of these improvements will be available in KDE Applications 18.04.

And we’re not done yet. We’re scoping out work to add an inline image editor/annotator and improve the user experience where you want to use spectacle to quickly take a screenshot and copy it to the clipboard without showing the main window (often for the purposes of pasting it into a chat window). An option to omit window shadows or reduce their size is also in the works.

Spectacle is used by hundreds of thousands or even millions of people, so this work has an impact! It’s a great time to be part of something big. Hop on board, and we’ll work together to continue making everything even better.

This week in Usability & Productivity, part 5

This week involved a lot of visual polish, and we squashed quite a few bugs causing apps to appear pixellated when they should be crisp and sharp. There was more performance tuning, too, and of course general bugfixing and polish. Take a look!

  • Fixed a visual bug causing thumbnails in Folder View (i.e. desktop icons) to be pixellated and glitchy; they are now sharp and pretty (KDE bug 376848, fixed in Plasma 5.12.1):
  • Dolphin’s Ratings UI now looks good in HiDPI mode (KDE Phabricator revision D10324, improved in KDE Applications 18.04):
  • Fixed a visual glitch causing high-resolution or vector distro logos and the plasma logo in KInfoCenter to appear pixellated and glitchy in HiDPI mode; they are also now sharp and pretty (KDE bug 388633, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.12.1):
  • Fixed a bug causing Chromium and Chrome to always append “.bin” to the end of downloaded files for users of distros with old versions of Qt and/or the shared-mime-info package (KDE bug 382437, fixed in KDE Frameworks 5.44)
  • Network mounts from /etc/fstab, autoFS, or FUSE now show up under the “Network” category in the Places panel (KDE Phabricator Revision D10319, available in KDE Frameworks 5.43)
  • You can now use the F11 keyboard shortcut to toggle the aside preview pane in KDE open/save dialogs (KDE bug 389880, available in KDE Frameworks 5.43):
  • Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut now opens the Properties dialog for Folder View (i.e. Desktop icons) just like it does in Dolphin (KDE bug 389862, available in KDE Plasma 5.13)
  • Mouse wheel now scrolls the correct number of lines in Konsole when using the libinput driver (KDE bug 386762, fixes in KDE Applications 18.04)
  • The escape key now cancels out of the ctrl+tab tab switcher menu in Kate and KDevelop (KDE bug 389484, fixed in KDE Applications 18.04)
  • Spreadsheet files located on Google Drive accessed using Dolphin now open in the correct app (KDE bug 388598, fixed in kio-gdrive 1.2.2)
  • The Print Manager received an enormous amount of fixes and improvements (Available in KDE Applications 18.04)
  • Items in Kate’s Sessions applet are now sorted alphabetically (KDE Phabricator revision D10208, fixed in KDE Applications 18.04)
  • Gwenview now respects the window manager’s commands to enter and leave Full Screen mode (KDE Bug 195046, fixed in KDE Applications 18.04)
  • Dolphin’s git plugin (available in the dolphin-plugins package can now perform merge and log actions (KDE Phabricator revisions D10213 and D10267, available in KDE Applications 18.04)
  • Lots of UI polish for Discover, including making it and all other Kirigami apps look good in HiDPI mode (KDE bug 390076, fixed in KDE Frameworks 5.44)
  • Move and copy performance with large files has been dramatically improved (KDE bug 384561, improved in KDE Frameworks 5.43)
  • Even faster move and copy performance with many small files (KDE phabricator revisions D10085 and D10124, improved in KDE Frameworks 5.43 and KDE Applications 18.04)

KDE developers are really picking up momentum, and the improvements are coming very rapidly. It’s a fantastic time to get involved in something big!

This week in Usability & Productivity, part 4

This was a big week for Usability & Productivity. Before I get to the list of improvements we landed, I’d like to make an exciting announcement: we’re scoping out the work to add FUSE support to KIO for remote locations like Samba shares. This should vastly improve the experience of interacting with files on Samba and FTP locations (among others) when using non-KDE software with KDE Plasma. No timelines or promises yet, but it’s now on our radar screens.

Anyway, let’s move onto the list of improvements this week. I think you’re going to like ’em!

  • The panel’s height is now shown in pixels when being changed, and can be minutely adjusted using the scroll wheel (KDE bug 372364)
  • Y axis labels for the network widget’s speed graph no longer overlap with the grid lines (KDE Phabricator revision D10183):
  • Spectacle’s Save button now remembers the most recently used save mode by default (KDE Phabricator revision D10153)
  • Spectacle’s Save button now defaults to showing “Save As” instead of “Save & Exit” (KDE bug 389614)
  • Spectacle now uses the correct icon for the “Export Image…” button, and now it also shows up properly when using the Breeze Dark theme (KDE bug 389775):
  • Dolphin no longer scrolls so quickly in icons mode when there are icons with really long/tall filenames (KDE Phabricator revision D10102)
  • A huge amount of work went into improving the speed of move and copy operations, especially for many small files (KDE bug 342056, KDE Phabricator revisions D10155, D10256, D10261, and D10282). More is still in the pipeline, too.
  • You can now put Dolphin’s Terminal pane on any part of the window, not just the top or bottom (KDE bug 362593):
  • Gwenview’s file rename dialog now excludes the filename extension from the initial selection (KDE Phabricator revision D9632)
  • When using Gwenview in Full Screen mode, showing the sidebar no longer moves part of the top toolbar (including the “exit Full Screen” button) out of view (KDE bug 387784)
  • Hitting the Escape key now exits Full Screen mode in Gwenview (KDE bug 305659)
  • When Gwenview is quit while in Full Screen mode, it no longer re-opens maximized (KDE Phabricator revision D10207)
  • Gwenview now lets you choose the ICC color rendering intent, rather than hardcoding “Perceptual” (KDE bug 359909):
  • Konsole gained the ability to blur the background when the window is transparent (KDE bugs 198175):
  • The standard KWin blur effect has been made blurrier by default (the blur strength is still user-configurable) to offer better out-of-the-box readability for things that use it, like the Application Dashboard (KDE phabricator revision D10180):
  • Text input in KRunner now always works on Wayland (KDE bug 385693)
  • The close button on Okular’s pop-up note annotation now uses the correct cursor (KDE bug 384381):
  • New Breeze icon for Emacs and better icon for Virtualbox (KDE Phabricator revision D10211 and KDE bug 384357):
  • Kate/KDevelop syntax highlighting now displays correctly for numeric literals with underscores in Python (KDE big 385422)
  • KSysGuard tabs now correctly show ampersand (&) characters (KDE bug 382512)
  • Many bug fixes for Discover

Yes folks, all of this happened in ONE WEEK! The volume of contributions is starting to accelerate, and we’re really firing on all cylinders these days. It’s the perfect time to get involved. You don’t need to be a programmer. We’ve got design tasks, bug triaging, promotion, the works! We’re aware that our wiki is a bit scattered and sparse, and we’re working on cleaning that up, too. Since it’s a wiki, please feel free to make improvements!

And there’s more coming, too. I wasn’t able to mention in this week’s status update quite a few exciting fixes that are still going through the review process.

This is an exciting time to be a KDE user or contributor. Feel the energy. Be part of something big. Cynicism and inactivity are easy, but ultimately not satisfying; this is the moment to rise above the pervasive malaise of our time. Climb aboard, and help us build something truly magnificent.

Polishing Plasma 5.12

Igor Ljubuncic of Dedoimedo published his review of the Plasma 5.12 beta recently. As always, he’s very thorough, and points out out issues that keep Plasma from being A+ quality. A major part of our Usability and Productivity initiative is honestly acknowledging user feedback and criticism with humility instead of defensiveness or dismissal. That way, rather than engaging in pointless arguments, we can focus on fixing problems!

With our aggressive focus on user satisfaction, we read these kinds of reviews very carefully and take their comments seriously. I wanted to provide a look at all the issues that Igor raised in his review. I went through every issue and made sure that if it was a legitimate bug, it was tracked with a Bugzilla ticket. Many already were, but some weren’t, so I filed tickets for them. Here’s the full list, along with the bugs’ status and our plans for fixing them, where applicable:

  • Can’t easily reset everything to default settings: (KDE bug 389568)
  • Default bottom panel isn’t optimal for using a global menu: this is true, but since the global menu isn’t shown by default, I think it’s fair that if you’re going to use it, you’ll need to change the UI a bit. This is why Plasma is so customizable!
  • Global menu only works in certain programs (e.g. not in LibreOffice or Steamc): it’s unfortunately not something we can fix; this is up to the distros and app developers. Ubuntu’s former Unity global menu feature worked for all apps because Canonical patched the software they packaged to make it work.
  • System Settings window opens too narrow by default: (KDE bug 389617). A trivial change. Will be fixed soon.
  • Sidebar headers are too light: (KDE bug 384638). Not a bad design decision, but rather a a bug caused by the choice of implementation.
  • Slight RGB hinting font anti-aliasing not used by default, even though that’s the best setting: (KDE bug 389598). We may be able to change the defaults here to improve things for the majority of our users.
  • Default font size should be slightly larger with Noto Sans: a controversial proposal, but might be worth it. I plan on doing some side-by-side testing for this.
  • Get Hot New Stuff never seems to works right and is full of outdated content: unfortunately, this is true. It’s a major pain point for a lot of people that we’re aware of and planning to put some work into.
  • Dragging a URL from Firefox to an Icons-Only Task Manager doesn’t work: (KDE bug 389613). Worth mentioning that this mostly works with a regular task manager if you drag it to the region that holds app launchers, not the window list part.
  • Hard to create/differentiate launchers/shortcut icons for multiple versions of an app: (KDE bug 389035)
  • Panel resize UI should have a text box/spinbox to choose the height: (KDE bug 372364). There’s a patch currently undergoing the review process that makes this better!
  • Spectacle should be able to not include window shadows: (KDE bug 372408)
  • Spectacle’s “Save As…” option should be more discoverable: (KDE bug 389614). Trivial fix; will be done soon.
  • Discover app pages look sparse: not our fault, this is entirely on app developers and Ubuntu 16.04 (or KDE Neon, depending on your perspective).
  • Discover doesn’t show app star ratings: (KDE bug 389601)
  • Discover doesn’t show reviews by default: (KDE bug 380514)
  • Discover’s settings page has a scrollbar that overlaps interactive UI elements: (KDE bug 389602). A clear bug; will likely be fixed soon.
  • Discover’s settings/sources page is confusing and exhibits poor usability: Mostly true for distros that have a lot of repos, but a legitimate criticism. We’re discussing this internally.
  • Discover doesn’t offer a way to install NVIDIA drivers or other similar things: Discover is an app store, not a driver manager or a package manager, but we’ll see if there’s any way we can improve this.
  • Dolphin should add Places panel entries for Documents, Download, Pictures, and Music: (KDE bug 389618). A simple enough change, though I think it may take some doing to avoid introducing duplicate entries for existing users.
  • Support for smartphones (especially iPhones) is spotty: A known issue. We’re working on it, slowly.
  • Copying files to samba shared resets their timestamps: (KDE bug 356651). I am actively working on producing a patch for this!
  • KIO doesn’t mount remote filesystems locally like GVFs does: (KDE bug 330192). A major architectural issue. We may need to organize a development sprint for it.

Also, Igor marked as broken a few things that actually do work, or are already fixed in the next versions of the software:

  • You can indeed add folders to Dolphin’s places panel with the context menu!
  • Support for hiding whole sections in Dolphin’s Places panel has already landed in master and should be released with Dolphin 18.04!
  • Konsole tab issues were actually caused by Qt; they changed the behavior of the tab widget and we needed to adapt to that change.
  • Dragging a URL from Firefox’s URL bar to the desktop does create a shortcut to that URL. However, we can improve the usability: (KDE bug 389600)

How you can help

These kinds of issues are major pain points that get brought up over and over again in Plasma reviews and internet discussions. Fixing them has a disproportionate PR impact and generates a stupendous amount of good will. If you’re a developer, please try to hit one of these bugs sometime in the coming days or weeks! it will make a huge difference. This is how we move toward making Plasma a no-brainer choice in the Linux world.

Want to help but don’t know where to start? Read this:

Let all go and polish Plasma to a mirror sheen!

This week in Usability & Productivity, part 3

Howdy folks! Here’s your weekly update on our long-term Usability & productivity goal.  Among many other fixes, KDE contributors landed the following user-visible improvements:

  • If you rename a file in Dolphin and very quickly move the focus to another file, instead of jumping back to the newly-renamed file, the focus now correctly remains on the other file (KDE bug 388555)
  • You can now undo batch rename operations in Dolphin (KDE Phabricator Revision D9836)
  • Dolphin can now show metadata for the date when a photograph was taken (KDE bug 303645)
  • Snap apps no longer show up in Dolphin’s Places panel as mounted devices (KDE bug 379516)
  • Fixed a case where entries in the Places panel were duplicated (KDE bug 389401)
  • Fixed a case where entries in the Places panel weren’t editable (KDE bug 389147)
  • Images in Plasma notifications (e.g. from using Spectacle to take a screenshot) are much less blurry (KDE bug 385097)
  • when the cursor is over a Task Manager entry for a window or app that exposes media playback controls (like a music player), you can now go to the previous and next tracks using your mouse’s back and forward buttons (KDE Phabricator revision D9797)
  • You can now use the Escape key as a shortcut to quit Gwenview (KDE bug 385242)
  • Okular no longer crashes when exporting markdown files to PDF (KDE bug 389216)
  • System Settings’ Cursors page was re-done to offer better usability, with fixes for issues such as KDE bug 375106)
  • When Kate is set to allow scrolling past the end of a document, and you’re currently scrolled past the end of your document, the view no longer jumps up when you type in a visible part of the screen (KDE bug 306745)
  • The Audio Volume widget now indicates with the correct cursor shapes that streams are draggable (KDE Phabricator revision D10098)
  • Tooltips for panel icons are now all sized and aligned in the same way (KDE bugs 386260 and 389371)
  • The System Settings Look And Feel page now immediately changes all UI elements on the page to reflect theme changes (KDE bug 389351)

This is in addition to the design work we did in Discover over the past few days.

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